Transfer Your Confirmed Train Ticket To Someone Else

Do Not Cancel, Here is how you can Transfer Your Confirmed Train Ticket To Someone Else...

Transfer Your Confirmed Train Ticket

All of You must have booked online tickets on Indian Railway catering and tourism corporation (IRCTC). Many times when we make mistakes while booking tickets. After that, you have no choice except cancel the ticket. However, according to the new rules of IRCTC, you can now transfer your tickets To Someone Else instead of canceling it. But a person can use this service only once. Here I am going to tell you how you can Transfer Your Confirmed Train Ticket To Someone Else?

How to change passenger name in the ticket

➡ First, take a print out of the ticket.
➡ Visit your nearest railway station.
➡ Take the Original Id Proof along with the person to transfer the ticket.
➡ Ask the Counter Officer to change the name of the passenger on the ticket.

You can also transfer tickets to your family members

According to IRCTC's new rules, now you can transfer tickets to your family members. For this, you will have to show your ID proof and print out of the ticket to the nearest Reservation Desk with proof of blood relation from the person you want to transfer your ticket. After this, the Counter Officer will transfer the ticket.



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