Don't Order Anything in Amazon Sale ||Amazon Delivery Fraud

Don't Order Anything in Amazon Sale specially in Festival Sale.You can be cheated Like me.
I ordered Samsung Galaxy M30 and some other goods on October 2nd 2019 in Dussehra Sell with amazon prime account for early delivery. A delivery boy was assigned for delivery of mobile and a extension board.He asked me OTP and when i tell him OTP he did not delivered any phone, he delivered only extention board .i asked him about phone he told me he dont have.he told if i am going back if i will deliver you.

After that he did not came to deliver.I called to amazon customer care they are telling me that you shared OTP so we can't do anything. They will not raise request for refund nor they will give me phone

Actuary the problem is "in Sale amazon hire boys for one month contract and in my case they hired a delivery boy(Attached below  ) and now he ran away i think.I am still calling customer care they are doing investigation and tell me package delivered.

Today is 4th November.Now i m going to file police case against the amazon delivery boy and also in consumer court against Amazon. And i have call recording and photo of delivery boy. I attached those files to You can Access 

 Order detail:
Amazon Fraud

Fraud Delivery Boy with Contact:
Fraud Delivery Boy
                                            ( Fraud delivery boy whatsapp pic)
Contact no : Fraud delivery boy -(9206959167,9986722629)

All Call recordings:

i will upload files in 30 min(due to slow internet).